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Subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) injections are contraindicated for patients with autoimmune disease, those taking beta blockers, and patients under six years of age. What’s more, the majority of patients who do qualify for treatment quit before completing it.1 Half of all patients describe SCIT therapy as inconvenient,2 and over 20% discontinued SCIT because of adverse effects.3

Circava System™ Therapy is different, delivering the power and personalized dosing of SCIT but in a patient-friendly, self-administered oral therapy. More of your patients can benefit from this treatment!

According to a recent United Allergy Services survey, two-thirds (68%) of allergy sufferers would prefer treatment from their family care doctor than an allergist.4 Referral to specialist providers could cause the patient, significant inconvenience and higher out-of-pocket costs for treatment and medications. With Circava System™ Therapy, you can treat and keep the patient within your practice!

Process for Initiating Circava System™ Therapy

  • 1

    Reach out to PotensAllergy and Sign Agreement between the Providers and Potens Allergy by emailing

  • 2

    Order Skin Testing Materials. We can provide supplier recommendations.

  • 3

    Schedule the skin test with the patient and fax the results to PotensAllergy.

  • 4

    Call PotensAllergy compounding pharmacy to pay for the serum for sets 1 to 4, and this will be three months supply, including shipping.

  • 5

    Depending on location, the serum will be mailed or delivered within one to two weeks.

  • 6

    Schedule an appointment with the patient to come in and observe the first treatment after you receive serum sets # 1 and 2. The first drop is administered at the Physician's office in order to look for reactions. If there is any reaction, STOP and return the set to the pharmacy for dilution. If there is NO reaction, the patient can take the sets home and continue on the given schedule.

  • 7

    Schedule the next appointment with providers at week 3 to assess progress and begin the next phase of treatment. Give the patient sets 3 and 4 at this time. This set will last for three months. Follow the same process as above.

  • 8

    The first set of drops 1 and 2 will be for two weeks. Sets 3 and 4 will last three months. The patient must schedule a follow-up appointment two weeks before needing the next set of drops after this point at every 3-month interval. Office visits and skin tests are to be billed to insurance if applicable.

See the evidence—and make Circava System™ Therapy your foundation for allergy relief.

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