Discover Life Without Allergies

Personalized at-home treatments using PotensAllergy patented Circava System™ Therapy

Circava System™ Therapy is a novel approach to allergy treatment.

If your daily life is affected by allergies, Circava System™ Therapy offers a pathway for personalized treatment without the need for injections. You administer the treatment yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Getting started is easy…


Know your allergies!

Just visit your primary care provider and ask for Circava System™ Therapy. You will then be given a skin allergy test. We’ll use the results and work with your provider to develop your personalized treatment.


Safety first!

Your first dose will be sent to your provider’s office. During this visit, you will learn how to administer Circava System™ Therapy at home. You will follow the protocol under the direction and supervision of your physician.


Ramp up your treatment at
home with daily drops!

From the first dose, Circava System™ Therapy is already starting to help your body build immunity. During the next four weeks of your at-home treatment, most patients start to experience symptom relief.


Enjoy the relief!

As you transition to the maintenance phase, you’ll need less frequent dosages. Meanwhile, you’ll see your allergy symptoms gradually disappear, and start to enjoy your new quality of life.

Simple, well-tolerated, and relieves symptoms in a short amount of time

Personalized to
your allergies

Easy doses
taken at home

Fewer restrictions than with allergy shots

Takes advantage of your body’s natural sleep cycle

What patients are saying

Circava Success Story featured in the news!
Myrna M

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