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Patient FAQs

What is immunotherapy?
Allergen immunotherapy is a medical treatment for environmental allergies such as allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. It is a technique whereby the patient is exposed to an increasing amount of a particular allergen to which they are found to be sensitive in order to generate tolerance and, therefore, diminish allergic symptoms.
What makes Circava System™ Therapy different from other treatment options?
Circava System™ Therapy offers you the power and personalized dosing of allergy injections (SCIT) in a patient-friendly, self-administered oral therapy. It delivers fast results, with relief of symptoms achieved in as little as four weeks1, thus reducing the time required to reach maintenance levels, and there are fewer restrictions for the patient. Circava System™ Therapy is a patented protocol, with most treatments delivered in the dendritic-rich oral vestibular space versus under the tongue and at night. This approach takes advantage of the circadian fluctuations during sleep when the immune system becomes particularly receptive to the administration of immunotherapy. Unlike SCIT, allergy shots, and other protocols, Circava System™ Therapy works with patients as young as 3.5 years old, patients taking beta blockers1, and patients with autoimmune diseases. It may also be a more practical treatment option for patients with work, travel, or other limitations on office visits.
Where is Circava System™ Therapy available?

Circava System™ Therapy is only available with a prescription from your healthcare provider. If you would like to receive the treatment through your provider’s office and your provider hasn’t yet prescribed Circava or isn’t familiar with it, please have your doctor contact us at info@potensallergy.com. To find a provider who prescribes Circava in your area, click here.

How quickly does Circava System™ Therapy work to treat allergy symptoms?
You may start to experience relief of your allergy symptoms within four weeks from the beginning of your treatment.
Is Circava System™ Therapy safe?

After thousands of treatments of Circava System™ Therapy, there have been no reported severe reactions such as low blood pressure, trouble breathing, and anaphylaxis. Some patients have experienced mild irritation at the site of administration.1

What allergy conditions are treated with Circava System™ Therapy?

Circava System™ Therapy can be used to treat:

  • Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever or “seasonal” allergy
  • Allergic asthma
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema 
  • Allergic conjunctivitis or eye allergies
Who is the treatment for?

Circava System™ Therapy is for adult and pediatric patients (as young as 3.5 years old) who have been determined may benefit from allergen immunotherapy.

Can I order the drops and instructions directly from PotensAllergy?

The Circava System™ Therapy is only available as a prescription from a physician; thus, to receive treatment, you must contact your Physician or locate a physician in your area already prescribing it.

What is the process for getting Circava System™ treatment from start to finish?

First, you will see your provider for a diagnostic skin test. Your provider will then send the test results to PotensAllergy along with a prescription for the Circava System™ Therapy. Our allergenic, glycerinated extracts are mixed and prepared specifically for each patient, and we will custom-formulate four sets of serums for you and ship them to your provider’s office.

You will then have an office visit to pick up sets #1 and #2.  Each set will last one week. You will pick up sets #3 and #4 during your next visit. Set 3 will last for one week. Set # 4 is your maintenance, which will last approximately three months. The serum of set #4 will be administered by you three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). 

You must contact your provider’s office at least 2 weeks before receiving future maintenance vials.

I am currently taking allergy shots. Can I convert to allergy drops using Circava System™?

Yes. Circava System™ Therapy is a physician directed alternative to SCIT, allergy shots, for the most common allergies. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients switched to using Circava System™ Therapy because they could not visit their physician to receive allergy shots.

Will my medical insurance cover the costs?

Your insurance may cover your provider visits and skin testing, but likely not Circava System drops. Circava System™ Therapy is affordably priced for cash-pay patients. Your provider can provide pricing information.

Does the FDA approve Circava System™ drops?

All of the ingredients that make up your custom Circava serum are FDA-approved. However, Circava System™ Therapy is considered an “off-label” use of these serums because they are administered uniquely through our patented protocol.

How long will I need to take my drops?

For best results, Circava System™ Therapy, as with all other forms of immunotherapy, should be used for a minimum of three years of uninterrupted therapy.

How long can I expect the effects to last?

The benefits of this therapy can last for many years after the initial Circava System™ Therapy, so long as your initial treatment is not interrupted.1 The longer you receive immunotherapy, the longer the symptom remission will last after you stop the process.1

What are the side effects of immunotherapy and Circava System™ Therapy?

It is imperative that you follow the instructions for this therapy.

Although highly unlikely, there is a minimal chance of an adverse reaction, and they are mostly mild and local.1 If an adverse reaction occurs, consult your doctor before continuing treatment. Minor reactions may include itchy lips and irritation at the site of the administration of the drops. These reactions tend to decrease as you progress in your treatment dosage. If these symptoms continue after vestibular administration, it may be necessary to modify your treatment plan. Your doctor will guide you in this process.

General reaction: our protocol is associated with a gradual smooth increase in dosage and has an excellent safety profile. To date, and after thousands of treatments, serious reactions, such as generalized urticaria, bronchial spasm, hypotension, and shock, have not been reported and are unlikely.1 Any adverse reaction should be discussed with your primary healthcare provider. If you experience any serious reaction symptoms, you should be taken to the nearest emergency medical facility.

It is not recommended to use this treatment if you have certain chronic health problems such as kidney disease, blood disease, and chronic liver disease. If you are currently or planning to become pregnant, please consult with your health care provider. However, if you become pregnant while already receiving immunotherapy, the process can be continued.1

What happens if I stop therapy for a period of time?

With allergy shots, according to the length of interruptions, you would need to go back on the shot schedule, and the doctor would have to find a safe spot in the schedule to restart the process. The longer the interruption, the larger the backtrack on the schedule.

The experience with the Circava System™ is different. There is no reason to modify the dosage for short interruptions of up to three months, indicating a significant safety gradient that permits the restoration of treatment safely.

What are the common allergy triggers in my area?
Check out the common allergy triggers in the Southeast area of the United States.


1. Data on file from Dr. Roberto Garcia-Ibáñez

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