Patient Testimonials

Read what Potens Allergy patients have to say about the ground-breaking allergy treatment.

Arrived with my daughter two years ago to see Dr. Garcia. Her whole body was irritated, and we had run out of cream to help relieve her itching. My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and has celiac disease, both of which cause skin problems. We started with the treatment of drops and cream together, and after one month, we saw results. The skin began to look radiant again, and she could breathe a lot better during the high pollen months. She can also tolerate being around cats, which she was never able to do before. Unfortunately, we have moved states, otherwise we would continue to use the treatment. We miss you, your science, and your knowledge. You gave us joy and peace of mind.

– Carla L.


My treatment by Dr. Garcia has changed my life. It’s been a life changer. No more allergies. Great results.

– Hector D.


As someone who has suffered from asthma most of my life, I’ve been restricted on the types of recreational activities I can enjoy. When my symptoms exacerbated in 2022, Dr. Garcia-Ibáñez introduced me to his patented allergy drop system, which brought lasting symptom relief.

– Dr. Dana P.


Within two weeks of taking the drops I felt a tremendous difference. By the time my wedding came, I was 100% clear. I have never in my life seen my skin that way. I was looking for help and he [Dr. Garcia] delivered.

– Myrna M.


My son is allergic to almost everything. But allergy shots were not only inconvenient, they sent him into anaphylactic shock. The Circava System treatment has been a great alternative. The drop therapy is easier, less invasive, and it works! I’d certainly recommend it to my family and friends.

– Jessica U.


As parents, the most important thing for us is our child’s health. So when our son was diagnosed with asthma at a young age, we needed a solution that allowed him to be his cheerful, active self. Starting Circava System therapy has allowed us to stop using strong steroids and has improved his overall quality of life. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

– Dani R.

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