Partnering with Potens Allergy will increase your revenue and help your practice succeed by keeping patients in your practice

If you’re a doctor considering prescribing Circava System™ therapy for your patients with allergies, you should know that Potens Allergy supports your practice and your patients in many ways.

First, we’ll fully prepare your practice to treat allergy patients, even if you haven’t done so before. From instructions on administering allergy skin tests to extensive training for you and your staff to order and administer the convenient oral treatment, we will ensure your practice has everything needed to safely and profitably add allergy immunotherapy to your offering.

Next, we’ll help to inform and educate your patients. With complimentary brochures, tabletop displays, posters, and videos, we’ll help your patients understand the many benefits of Circava System therapy. This includes how fast they will see results, the convenience of simple, oral self-administration, fewer office visits, and the reduced time to start the maintenance dose.

We’ll assist you with compliance support—with recommendations about when to follow up regarding treatment protocols or when to remind patients to make appointments. We’ll even provide patient satisfaction surveys to help you assess their experience with Circava and help them understand the benefits of maintaining the treatment.

Finally, we can help you attract more patients to your practice! Through our nationwide publicity and marketing initiatives, interested patients visit our website.  Here, they will find a useful feature to help them find a Circava System prescriber close to them and help them get in touch with you. In addition, we provide you with an authorized provider seal to add to your practice’s website.

There’s much more to come, including the potential to participate in clinical trials, marketing communications to support your patient development, examples of how other practices benefit from Circava System therapy, and more! To get your practice started with Circava, click here or call us at 833-476-8367.


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