Circava System Allergy Drops vs. Allergy Shots: 

Are you tired of battling allergies year after year? Seeking relief without the hassle of frequent office visits or painful injections? Circava System™ Therapy should be your first choice. Let’s compare Circava System allergy drops to general allergy shots to help you make an informed decision about the best treatment option for your allergies.

Speed of Relief

When it comes to allergy relief, time is of the essence. Circava System™ allergy drops offer fast results, with symptom relief often achieved in as little as four weeks. This means you could start experiencing relief sooner compared to traditional allergy shots, which may take several months or longer to show significant improvement. Unlike over-the-counter oral immunotherapies, the Circava System offers more powerful and personalized dosing, which is only possible as a physician-prescribed treatment.

Time necessary to reach maintenance level of immunotherapy with SCIT or Circava System™ Therapy:

This data indicates superior compliance with the use of Circava System™ Therapy compared with SCIT, as well as a statistically significant shorter period of time to reach maintenance dosage. This demonstrates that Circava System™ Therapy is a more accessible treatment model to the general population.1

FDA Approval

Both Circava System™ allergy drops and traditional allergy shots use FDA-approved ingredients. However, Circava System™ Therapy is a patented protocol because of its unique oral and nighttime administration method. Rest assured that all ingredients in Circava System™ Therapy are FDA-approved, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Administration Process

One of the key advantages of Circava System™ allergy drops is its patient-friendly, self-administered oral delivery. Unlike allergy shots, which require frequent visits to the doctor’s office for injections and physician supervision right after treatment, Circava System™ allergy drops are just as powerful as shots, but they can be taken by the patient at home. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can take control of your allergy treatment without disrupting your daily routine.

Age Range and Accessibility

Circava System™ allergy drops are suitable for patients as young as 3.5 years old, making it a viable option for both adults and children. Additionally, patients taking beta blockers or those with autoimmune diseases can safely undergo Circava System™ Therapy. This broadens the accessibility of allergy treatment options and ensures that individuals with various health conditions can find relief.

More powerful and customized therapy

In summary, Circava System™ Therapy offers an innovative and revolutionary approach to allergy treatment, combining the effectiveness of allergy shots with the convenience of self-administered allergy drops. With fast-acting relief, FDA-approved ingredients, and a user-friendly administration process, Circava System™ Therapy stands out as the clear choice for individuals seeking long-term allergy relief.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to seasonal allergies and reclaim control of your life, talk to your physician about Circava System™ allergy drops today. Click here to see a list of physicians in your area. Experience the difference and breathe easier with Circava System™ Therapy.

  1. Theresa A. Grandoff, B.S., Roberto Garcia, M.D. Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Transitioned to Sublingual Immunotherapy during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Asthmatic Allergic Rhinitis and Non-Asthmatic Allergic Rhinitis Patients: A Retrospective Chart Review
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